Everything Starts With Curiosity

Whether it be overnight bus trips to NCAA tournament games in college, flights or train rides, I've never been able to sleep while traveling. I always try. Contorting myself into positions that feel comfortable for a few minutes before my foot or hand inevitably goes numb. 

Today I didn't even bother. After years of trying and failing, I knew I wasn't going to get any sleep. And how could I, with my mind racing 100 miles a minute in preparation for touching down in Las Vegas. 

To say I am "excited" to arrive and have the WSOP begin in one week's time is a massive understatement. But, it's also probably not the the right word. That excitement is mainly brought on by my curiosity. My curiosity about what the next two months have in store. 

What's Vegas going to be like? Who am I going to be working with? What events am I going to be covering? What big name player will I see first? 

It's the curiosity that makes this and any experience an exciting one. But the really exciting part is that I don't expect that curiosity to waiver at any point during this series. 

Who is that player? Where is he from? How did he get in this event? What's his story? 

I want to know the answers to all those questions and more. About every player in every field. For the live updates blog, yes. But mostly because I am just curious. 

I'm not the only one that's curious. In a week's time 20,000, maybe more, players will converge on the Rio for the opening of the WSOP and 'The Colossus'. Whether they are poker pros with millions of dollars in tournament earnings or stone amateurs, they'll all be curious. 

You have to be curious to be a poker player. In essence, poker is curiosity in game form. With that game usually involving relatively large sums of money. 

Why did he bet that much? Why did he raise pre-flop? Why did he check? What's his calling range? How many beers has he drank? And most importantly, what does he have? 

If you are playing poker and have a poker related thought, you are likely being curious. Whether you are aware of it or not. The great players are and I can't wait to watch them in action throughout the series. 

As my flight begins it's decent into Las Vegas, I'm curious what this series has in store. But, I'm also curious about other completely random things. Because I'm always curious. 

 What am I going to eat when I land? How does this plane work? Why won't these Bluetooth headphones connect to my iPhone? Why does the girl in front of me have half of her head shaved off? 

The likely endless amount of questions can go on forever and, unfortunately, I don't know the answers to any of them just yet. But I do know one thing, that every day I'm going to have thousands of curious thoughts running through my head. Which will hopefully help me tell some pretty amazing stories over the next two months.